Nicolae Done

Nicolae (Nicu) Done, PhD is a health economist with broad interests in health systems. Currently he is an AcademyHealth Delivery System Science Fellow in the Boston University School of Medicine. He leads studies on innovative programs aimed at increasing access to primary and specialty services for US Veterans. He also conducts comparative effectiveness analyses of prescription medications. He received his PhD in Health Economics and Policy at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Nicu was a research analyst at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He has also been involved in international projects involving comparative health care financing and health system reform.

Vlad Mixich

Vlad is a health policy expert and award-winning health communicator, former Vice President of the Romanian National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices. Mr. Mixich holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he was a member of the health policy research team. In 2014, he was Eisenhower Fellow for Innovation, previously being the recipient of Marshall Memorial Fellowship and Rosalynn Carter Fellowship.

Stefan Voinea

Stefan Voinea is an IT and communication expert with 15+ years of experience in the fields of media, healthcare, environment and education. While working for the Ministry of Health, Stefan has developed nation-wide software solutions for the Romanian health system: a patient feedback solution and a medicine inventory tracking platform. Stefan designs and implements advocacy campaigns for a better health system and he is currently working on projects at the crossroads of technology and psychology.

Marius Ungureanu

Marius Ungureanu is a public health and health systems researcher. For the past 7 years, Marius has written, implemented and coordinated projects exploring human resources for health, eHealth, health promotion and corruption in healthcare. Marius has been trained as a physician, has a bachelor degree in management, has had classes on healthcare management and strategic planning for healthcare organizations at the University of Iowa, and holds a PhD on the quality management of healthcare services. In 2016 Marius has served as a Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministry of Health. Currently, he works as an associated researcher and teaching staff within the Department of Public Health of the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is a member of the American and European Public Health Associations, as well as the European Health Management Association.

Stefan Strilciuc

Ștefan Strilciuc is a public health expert with over 7 years experience in building and operating private medical entities. His research track is multidisciplinary, focused on experimental medicine (general surgery, senology, dermatology, ultrasonography and others). Within the Romanian Health Observatory, Ștefan has created automated processes for collection and manipulation of public medical data in Romania. He is actively involved in academic debating and the Global Shapers community.

Sanziana Mardale

Sânziana Mardale is a pharmacist, with a master in pharmacovigilance and training and management. Sânziana has extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical and drug policies, who worked both on the grass line, in the community pharmacy, as well as Counselor to the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health ensuring access for the Romanian patients to medicines. Sânziana knows the public affairs field, activating in public health campaigns, and has a thorough understanding of the legal framework and health policies. Sânziana is the chairwoman of an association of independent pharmacies who are trying to re-establish the pharmacist’s role in the community and advocate for effective pharmaceutical assistance.

Oana Motea

Oana Motea holds a master’s degree in research and operational interventions in medical services management, from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy  “Carol Davila”, Bucharest. In 2012 she had an active role in the regional World Health Organization gathering, presenting a paper on the evolution of chronic disease in Romania. Oana has contributed in developing healthcare-related projects in Germany and she is currently researching healthcare logistics in Brussels.

Monica Althamer

Monica is a cancer patient navigator working with several Romanian cancer support organizations and cancer patient advocates. Monica has considerable experience across multiple industries including the Public Sector, Telecommunications, banking and healthcare. In 2009 she joined as a volunteer an organization supporting cancer patients. Since then, Monica has been fighting to improve each individual’s access to health care, trying to help patients and their families deal with the pain of living with cancer, and standing by their side from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, until the day the patient is declared a survivor and beyond.

Annie Pannelay

Annie is an international health consultant who is also involved in innovative healthcare start-ups. In her recent role at the Economist Intelligence Unit, she oversaw health policy analysis and value consulting activities. She conducted international comparative research in the area of access to healthcare and health systems efficiencies. Annie was resident pharmacist in Nice teaching hospital in France, holds a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree and an MBA from ESSEC business school. She has worked and lived in France, Hong Kong, New York and is now based in London.

Adrian Gheorghe

Adrian Gheorghe is a health economist with experience in economic evaluation, evidence synthesis, health services costing, clinical trial methodology, health financing and statistical modelling. His work focuses on value for money analyses in the health sector, health financing and health sector governance. His research at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine focussed on economic evaluation and economic burden of disease studies in low- and middle-income countries, health information systems and health financing. Adrian has developed the health financing component of the Lancet Commission for the Future of Health in sub-Saharan Africa. His PhD work (University of Birmingham 2010-2013) proposed a quantitative method to assess the generalisability of economic results from clinical trials. He has working experience in Kenya, Pakistan, Romania, United Kingdom and Zambia.